A Chat On Light & Dark

This is a real conversation that went on over WhatsApp. These two people talk about light and dark in their different shades. Probably even in the most obscure sense. Enjoy.

Him: If light was born out of darkness, then light is darkness but in another form. Light and darkness are not really two different ends.. They are one.. Only that you can see one at a time

Her: About the light and dark thing. How did you find out light is born from darkness?

Him: Read Genesis 1:1-3

Her: Yeah, did the light come from darkness or from God?

Him: God brought out the light from darkness.

Her: Is that what the Bible said? Look at where God quiet the storm one time like this.  And he said peace, be still. In other words, let there be peace. Did he bring out the peace from the storm?

Him: Hmmm…Brilliant. So where did the light come from?

Her: From God. God is an entity of Light. God is an entity of peace. It’s like He gave it to the dark void. It’s like you’re at a party. And then this rich kid comes and says let there be drinks, serve everyone. It’s because he has money. He can afford it give stuff out freely. So also, God is rich and vast and he freely gives.

Him: You have a point.. God is light. The bible say so. But if He is light, why did he need to say ‘let there be light’? The light should have appeared when he was moving on the surface of the deep.

Her: Uhm, yeah, but will the place be lit? No. God would have shone bright, but the void will still be dark. He wanted to make the place itself lighted. Compare to when you walk into a dark room. And let’s say you have a touch, you’ll still switch on the light. God was in the process of creation. He wanted to make something beautiful.

Him: Yea.. True. Ok, let’s change the angle. How did darkness come about? It seems as if it has always been there.

Her: Yeah. Now, dark I don’t know. I think most likely darkness is the absence of God.

Him: Hmm. Looks like someone has just defined darkness in 3 words.

Her: Haha. Lol. Like hate is the absence of God. Evil is the absence of God. Kind of logical.

Him: So God did not create darkness?

Her: Uhm, I’d say its what’s left when God isn’t there.

Him: Alright. Really interesting twist.

Her: It’s like asking did God create light?

Him: He is light.

Her: Exactly. And he is not darkness.

Him: Chill.. If darkness is the absence of God, during night-time, what happens?
When the earth is dark is God absent then?

Her: There’s the moon.

Him: 😓

Her: There’s always a source of light. Lol. You like the dark abi?

Him: Yess. There is just something about it.

Her: It’s never completely dark…and you’re looking for something to justify your love. The dark that you like is still a product of light. You haven’t experience actual pure darkness before. No one has. There’s always light here on earth, Somehow, somehow.

Him: Noo o . I am not justifying anything o.

Her: Lol, okay.

Him: That is my point. It is never totally dark because light is always there somewhere, maybe hidden or covered
and it never totally bright, because a bit of darkness is always there.. Only that you can’t see it because it is overshadowed. Then my conclusion is that light and darkness, somehow, can co-exist😁. Lol,I don’t know if that makes any sense 😅

Her: Lol, I get your drift, it’s just the language you’re using that I have a problem with. The way you’re putting it. You’re saying in a way, that light and darkness are equal. Or the same thing in different forms.

Him: Yea.. That is what I am drawing at. And I also came to the conclusion that they both have something in common

Her: I can’t come to terms with that. There’s this verse that says and there was light and darkness comprehends it not.

Him: I know😔

Her: What I get from that is that once there’s light even if its one percentage. Then that place or thing or whatever is no longer dark. At least that the darkness the bible speaks about. Light will always dominate. It’s like when you also think about our salvation. Once light enters, though it might not all become lit but it’s not dark any more. Except you choose to go back. But asides that, it says the light of the righteous shines brighter until the perfect day. What I believe is that what we call dark, here on earth isn’t really darkness. God permanently rid the earth of darkness in the beginning.

Him: Hmm.. Makes sense. Don’t mind my way of thinking

Her: Lol, at all. Its was fun.

Him: Thanks for the insight.

Her: ✊✊

Him: Looks like you are light yourself 😉

Her: Lol. I am. And so are you.

Him: Yea.. Children of light. Children of God.

Her: Awa ni yen.


What are your thoughts?

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