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V: I know I can’t listen to any type of music I want and it has to fulfil some standards .I just want to know…What factors exactly determine the songs I listen to? Is it like…Once the artist is #secular…It’s a no go area or ? I can listen to the song and sieve.

I just want to know the criteria a song has to meet to be on my play list

O: It has to glorify God

V: All of it?

O: Yes.

V: I have a question

E: Err. Then I am in soup for listening to Simi’s ‘love don’t care’

V: Me too. I have a songs on my phone… I have plenty actually that don’t glorify God

O: You people think too much inside the box. Glorify God means it goes inline with what God says about a topic

This is an excerpt from our online meeting on music. This is a question most of us ask at some point in our Christian walk. But instead of looking into it careful and meticulously, we rush to trashing every song that doesn’t explicitly praise or have any relation to God. If you’re like most people then, you’ve probably gone through this too, and you’ve also discovered that that method is short livid, you’ll most likely end up downloading those songs again. From the conversation above, you know it’s more about glorifying God than any other thing. It’s not about the artist or the genre, in fact the artist should be your least reason for tagging a song Christian. There have been and there are still many people that were/are not Christians and produce great gospel content. Read this article on Relevant magazine for more on that.

They weren’t Christians, but they made stuff that most Christians cannot do without.

Sometimes as Christians we still struggle with listening to songs that don’t exactly agree what we believe and know, what do we do?  The answer would be to consciously resist the fleshy urge to listen to any music that doesn’t glorify God by renewing and strengthening your mind in the word of God. And be more interested in renewing your mind, that piling it up with trash.

Below is the conclusion of our conversation.

J: So, um, I like Louis Jordan’s Five Guys Named Moe album. That’s where Beans and Cornbread is. I like this one But, before I got to the Beans and Cornbread track, I listened to “A man ain’t a man.” Basically, the song said, you have to make a woman say your name, have a lot of money and power and they’ll be forced to call your name. When you’re broke, they’ll call you Teddy. Just like bread and fish *licking my lips* Now, do I go eww! That’s repulsive! No! Delete this album!? Nope. It was recommended by a friend to me. I was sure that it was _good art._ I kept on listening. I saw some tracks that encouraged hard work, and some that encouraged playing like you’re five because you passed your big exam. And I got to Beans and Cornbread. The thing is, there’s no surefire way to know if this is wrong or right music. Philippians 4:8 is key. I can listen to music that talks about someone in an awesome way, because God created people, and appreciating his masterpiece is giving him worship. Take _African Queen_ by 2Face Idibia for example. Good sounds, great content. But I wouldn’t listen to _Free Madness_ by Terry G. Because I’m not mad, and the song is meaningless anyway. I could listen to a love song, that doesn’t place the features of the girl above the girl herself. _Lollipop_ by Lil Wayne is an example of bad music. It isn’t good content for the heart, nor for the eyes. So, music has to be really good. Sound wise. Then it has to be about all that God is about. Praising his creation, in the right way, and giving glory to him. But, what about artistes that make money, and worship money, and try to praise God for blessing them? We know they aren’t serving God. (You can’t serve God and Mormon.) We don’t sing with them. It’s like taking anger management lessons from the Hulk. They can’t get themselves out of one mess, we shouldn’t encourage them and others by buying and singing their songs. Songs that talk about violence and crimes and immorality is a no-no. No question. If a song warms your heart towards God and people, like Beans and Cornbread did, you should totally dig it. And the deal with genres? I think all genres are amazing. Reggae is out of this world. Rock is one of my favs, probably after hip hop. There is no “Christian” genre. Nope. And Worship music could be made in the form of rap. I’ve been there. Again, Philippians 4:8 is key.

E: Ehen. What of those who stay close to places where they blare wrong music 24/7 .

J: If you can’t move, don’t allow your mind get used to it. Buy a Walkman, if that’s what it comes to, and play your own songs. Or pray in Tongues.

Music is beautiful art but it doesn’t serve it’s purpose when we choose lesser substitutes for what it is really made for – glorifying God.


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