Book Review: The Misfit God by C.C. Benjamin.


This book is a collection of poems that was released on the 1st of October. I’ll just say it upfront; the book is freaking gold! it’s captivating from the very first poem right down to the biography. I had to intentionally stop myself from reading it all at once. What I loved most about reading it was the language and how vivid the images were to me.


Book cover

Ben is an amazing poet, there is no doubt about that going through his debut, he explores the distinction of God and His infinite mastery and love in every poem. In fact, the way in which the peoms are written display the beauty of God at work through his (C.C.Ben’s) hand. The only down side is that it’s a short 8-poem read of 22 pages. But that’s also a special thing about it, you get to savour every sentence, one word at a time.
Lucky for you and me, the book is available free of all chargeshere. Download it asap. It’s a better read than your Facebook feed I promise.

Here’s one of my favouritesJunk Mail.

You gather my errors
And my flaws
And saved
Them all
In your
Junk Mailbox

All of my sins
Ended in spam

Not one of them
Is in your inbox


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