How To Maintain A Good Relationship with Your Parents.


Eph 6:1-3 (Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right.“Honor your father and mother”—which is the first commandment with a promise— 3 “so that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life on the earth.”) is why you need and are required to honor and obey your parents in other words why you must strive to maintain a healthy relationship with them. That’s not the only reason; there are several references to obeying our parents in proverbs alone, not to mention the entire bible. One of them is in Proverbs 1:8-9 so basically you are to honor, respect, obey and hold your parents in high regard. But what does that entail really? Especially in instants when you feel your parents are being unfair or they are encouraging you to do stuff against your faith. How do you reconcile the seeming huge bridge between respecting them and honoring God? Have in mind at this point that honoring your earthly parents is a huge part of honoring God.

First thing first, understand that you are God’s Child and your allegiance is to him and his words primarily before anyone else, even your parents. The bible backs up instructions on respecting and obeying your parents with many blessings, so it’s no small matter but where do you draw the line with your parents, especially when they are getting in between you and God. We’ll discus 5 major ways to get that under wraps.

Get to know them: Our parents are human beings too, some day we will be in their shoes and seem outdated to the prevailing generation, nonetheless, understanding and love transcends all time. Study them, like you would study someone you intend to marry. Pay attention to what ticks them off, what makes them happy, what makes them happiest, how they like to be spoken to. Do your best as their child to be a student of their minds and how it works, and try even harder to not intentionally set them off.  You’ll want your children to do the same for you.

Don’t be rude: General rule, don’t be rude to anyone, look, it’s not cool. There’s nothing swaggerlicious about being rude especially to your parents. It shows that you’re unwise and have zero reverence for God and his word. Keep your temper under wraps. Don’t try to make a point by shouting, even if you are an adult, even if you’re taller. This is not a Nigerian thing. This is a bible thing. Don’t you dare be rude.

Decide to reason with them and be ready to accept that you can be wrong: Actually listen when they talk. Your parents are not robots; they don’t just make spontaneous decisions about you. They love you; at least most parents love their children deeply. They care about your well being, chances are they are not going to do something to put you in unnecessary harm’s way. And parents think about the future most of the time, while you’re thinking now. Don’t be a bull head. Understand that you could be wrong and they may be right and even when that isn’t the case be mature enough to apologize for any bad behavior and state your case. If they still do not agree, let it go. Be humble enough to respect their authority and let the argument go. Brings us to the next point.

Respect their authority: You are not the boss of you. Get that. When your parents give you specific guidelines in regards to how to dress, where to go, where not to. Accept it. Respect that they are basically paying to keep you alive; clothes, school, food, shelter. Respect their authority over you at least until you make your own money and are your own person and you personal choices and preferences can be accepted by them. This can be hard and you might feel cheated and caged, but understand that nothing, absolutely nothing lasts forever. You are going to get your chance to live exactly like you want but trust me, you do not want a scarred relationship with your loved ones during that time. You know when the bible says honor your father and mother so that your days will be long, It’s really saying conflict and scarred relationships really cuts life short and reduces the quality all together. Peace prolongs life. Choose peace.

Be spirit conscious: So as to know what reaction is best for each situation. Sometimes, it’s the perfect thing to be direct and sharp, but you’ve got to know when. There’s a time for everything, get tight with Holy Ghost to get the cheat code. And we discussed working in the spirit practically last week.

In everything, always put God first. Think along this line of thought “I can buy my parents alcohol if they ask, while politely telling them it’s detrimental to their health. I can stop attending church for a while too. But I won’t outright disobey God, for them or anyone else.” That’s the spirit. We pray that the God will help you to keep healthy and happy relationships with your love ones in Jesus’ name.

Stay Rad.



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