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Author: MisfitCORE


Dealing With Heartbreak

The question is this: How can you find yourself when you’re depressed and sad and tired of everything around you due to the fact that someone you really love broke your heart? First, we...


What Does It Really Mean To Pray?

Prayer is such an overemphasized matter. We talk about it all the time, in the church, around the church,  outside the church. You don’t even have to be a Christian per say to have...


What’s The Deal With Music

V: I know I can’t listen to any type of music I want and it has to fulfil some standards .I just want to know…What factors exactly determine the songs I listen to? Is...


Why and how can I fight sexual lust?

This was not the question we wanted to reply to. We were close to tackling issues such as making out, pornography and masturbation and even though we know those thing are very relevant to...


Should A Student Pay Tithe?

  A more accountable way to look at this topic would be, why should anyone pay tithe, since Jesus paid it all and all to him we owe? We will not try to explain...